We have enhanced both Extel Checklist and Broker Scorecard services. On Checklist, all buyside clients can now view online a full listing of all individuals at their firm; and update and amend as you want. Only available for permissioned contacts at any buyside firm – call us if you want to access to this free service.

On Broker Scorecard – all subscribing clients can now run bespoke results for firms and individuals (analysts, salespersons & traders) based on any filters – geographic, fund type or Extel weighting - you set up of buyside voters. All the more reason to sign up if you are not already a client.

Log in to find out the Extel 2015 winners, and sign up for full access to all data and analysis. With over 18,000 participants and some 800,000 votes, Extel 2015 is the best and most comprehensive study yet. Whether you are on the buyside, in the brokerage community, or an IR professional, Extel gives you a complete picture.

You will need to log in either before or after you access any Extel service using the buttons below. Wherever you log in you need to click the LOG IN button after entering your email address and password.

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Corporates (IR)
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