The Extel study on market prospects for 2015, undertaken in partnership with Absolute Strategy Research (ASR), has just been released. Click on the link below to request your complimentary copy of the report, or contact us for more details.

Extel, in conjunction with SRI-Connect, has just announced the Independent Research for Responsible Investing (IRRI) results. Click on the link below to get the video of the headline findings, or contact us for the complete report.

Extel 2015 will open for voting on March 23; running through to April 30. Results will be announced on June 8, following the headline awards event at Guildhall. Full briefing notes for Extel 2015 will be available in January, and we welcome comments and views. For all major buyside firms, we actively welcome your contributions through your internal broker votes. Any firm can contact us to use the free Extel broker vote system.

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