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Brokerage Firms / Research Providers

Accurately Benchmark Your Equities Business

Discover how your firm is ranked and scored across your equities business including Research, Sales, Execution & Corporate Access; gain insights and views on the value and quality of your competitors.

Detailed Rankings

View headline rankings and awards for the current Extel Europe, plus two years of historical rankings at no extra charge. Subscribers can gain access to:

  • Comprehensive scores for three sides of the equities community.
  • Extensive and validated database of equities professionals.
Detailed Rankings

Analytical Tools

With our Broker Scorecards, evaluate your firm's performance against market position and conduct competitive evaluation. You can generate and export aggregate rankings, or customize reports at a granular sector level.

Broker Scorecards

Trend Analysis Of Prevalent Buy-Side And Corporate Issues

Market Trends

Gain in-depth intelligence on current market trends. These include a compilation of views on prevalent issues across the equities industry, and sector specific opinions from three sides of the investment community.

Market Trends

Business Development

Consultancy Services

Extel has unique access to industry leaders and decision makers across the equities industry. We expertise on broker evaluation processes. Our broad experience of equities businesses and the associated challenges, from unbundling solutions, profitability analysis, resource allocation to advisory on current regulatory changes and solutions.

Bespoke Projects

Extel specialised engagements with valued partners around the world. You can order project based market research surveys, or perception studies for corporates. As a start, you may [download one of our free reports] on our own research topics like MiFID II.