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Terms & Conditions
February 2016

Any and all usage of the Extel name, logotype or name-style, in reference to any Extel results and rankings, by any third parties, is not permitted unless the third party is a subscriber to the Extel results to which the reference would pertain.

This restriction applies not only to detailed rankings & results, which whilst only available on a subscription basis to clients, may come to the notice of other third parties. (By way of example, a third party may receive a marketing communication from a client that references data relating to that third party). The restriction also covers publically available Extel results – commonly termed Extel ‘headline’ results. Such results are free to view on the Extel website, and may be found in other media, including external ‘press’ media.

Whilst such results & rankings are, by definition, in the public domain, a third party may not make use of any such rankings or results in marketing, reference or other promotional materials they produce, unless the third party is a subscribing client to the relevant Extel results.

Any and all Extel results & rankings, to which a client has subscribed, can be utilised in any marketing, promotional, reference or other materials (either hard copy, soft copy or online). Such materials can be distributed or made available without any restriction or limitation on usage. Additionally Extel applies no restrictions or caveats on how the results and rankings are displayed, or referred to, apart from the following

  • the client wishes to use the Extel logotype, then it can only be reproduced or utilised from files provided by Extel. The images in such files can be resized, but not altered in any other fashion.
  • A copy of any materials (or link to the relevant online content) should be provided to Extel for reference purposes only. In this, we recognize that the reference to Extel rankings may appear multiple times, or within sensitive and confidential materials. We accept that Extel would not receive a copy of every instance, nor of confidential materials, but we do require an indication from the client of the likely type of usage of references to Extel results & rankings.

In any cases where a client is unclear on their usage of references to Extel results & rankings, they should contact Extel (details below).


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